Do something new today


We started with a simple idea. Start every day with one goal - Do something new today. What followed was this.


We tried new foods

We went new places

We learned Wabi-Sabi

Cass learned to ski


New Forest Wildlife Park

Golden Cap


London Eye

It was great, but after a while, doing something (small) new felt old.

It didn't feel sustainable. It wasn't moving us forward. It was a bandaid for living life trapped in the daily grind. We needed bigger (longer) new things. Experiences that change the course of life. Habits that improve health and life quality. Stuck in a place where we're just making ends meet, just keeping our heads above the ocean of chronic health issues and where our aims are as ambitious as getting one good night's sleep this year, we had to get creative.

New goal: Choose new things for long term benefits

Here's how that's going...

August 2017

In August 2017, we started going for a different walk every day. We've never walked every single day of the week -there's always sick days or lazy days that break the pattern - but we've decided to really try getting outside and moving at least once a day. We made a conscious effort to also find new places great for walking, rather than just sticking to our known routes that loop around home.  

Where to walk

For the daily details, follow our August walking diary.


First Learn to relax


Health matters. Take it seriously.


Work outside the box


The places you'll go!

Ergohacks Journal