This week on Kickstarter the ZEUS all-in-one printer and scanner caught our eye for sheer audaciousness.  The ZEUS is a combination scanner, fax, copier and printer for 3D objects.  Put an item in and get a copy or send the data to another ZEUS across the street or across the world so they can have a copy.

The ZEUS claims that they will be the first mass market 3D printer and apart from the technical ability of creating an integrated scanner and printer the key to this is to be simplicity.  Until this point all commercially available 3D printers have been relatively difficult to use and setup.  Once you have purchased one it needs to be calibrated, setup and carefully monitored in use and even then it will have a very significant failure rate.    The ZEUS team says:

Wouldn’t it be great to buy a 3D printer, take it out of the box, plug it in, and be able to use it right away, the same way you would with any other piece of consumer electronics such as computers and TVs? Just as 2D printers naturally evolved to incorporate more functions into one device, we set out to revolutionize the 3D printing industry to give makers a complete 3D printing experience with a multifunctional machine. Finally, you will now be able to scan, print, copy, and fax objects from one device at an affordable price.

From a technical point of view the printer is:

Layer Resolution: 100 microns (200 & 300 options available for faster prints)

Build/Scan Volume: 26cm x 18cm x 15cm

Material compatibility: PLA (1.75mm)

ZEUS Stats

The kickstarter began on the 4th of September with a $100,000 target and has already reached $125,088 with almost a month to go.  If you are interested in backing it and getting a ZEUS the cheapest model available will cost $2,499 and is predicted to be available in the US some time in July or August 2014.

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