I’ve started this post four times.

Every time I started I ended up with something that read “This is amazing!”. Playing this game gives me the feel and experience that I’ve not had in a game since the first time I really got into Wow. I’ve tried to be sensible about it. I’ve tried to be rational about it, but that little voice at the back of my head says… “Type faster! Get this done and you can go back and play some more!”

The problem with this is that while it’s true, how I feel is neither particularly well reasoned nor does it express¬†why I’m enjoying it so much. I’m not sure if it’s just the first flush of a new console and the lure of the shiny, but I doubt it. So with those grains of salt added – it’s amazing!

Zelda is one of Nintendo’s best loved and best reviewed franchise and throughout the life of the Wii U, Breath of the Wild has been just around the corner. This built up both anticipation and a deep terror that it just would not match up to what it looked like before release. Unsurprisingly, Breath isn’t perfect. I’ve had several occasions of screen stutter when the combat gets a little too intense. The lack of a recipe book means playing with a notepad and pen which on the go isn’t ideal. The tutorial is a little vague and some abilities seem to be discoverable only by random luck.

While I hope Nintendo will be able to patch the screen stuttering, none of the problems detract from a great gameplay experience. I’m working on the full feature, but for now – “It’s amazing!”