xbox one box with controller against a green background

Overnight Microsoft announced on their Xbox Wire blog significant changes to their already announced Xbox One policies.  They announced the policy changes as a response to user feedback, saying that they “heard directly from many of you, read your comments and listened to your feedback”.

xbox one box with controller against a green background

The policy changes include:

  • An internet connection will not be required to play offline games.  There will be a one time requirement for an internet connection when the console is originally setup but after that it an be played entirely offline.  The once every 24 hour check has been removed.
  • Trade-in, lending, resell, gifting, and renting of disc based games will now work identically to the Xbox 360’s model.  This was to be changed to a system where the first gifting was free to a friend and games could be resold only through authorised retailers
  • Regional restrictions are being dropped.  An Xbox One game will work on any Xbox One.
  • Disk games will be downloadable from Microsoft on their day of release and will then work offline as if they were disk games.  It was not clear if this is all disk games or only some if the publishers allow it.
  • Disk games will need to have the disk in the drive to play.  This restriction had been removed allowing you to log in your account on another Xbox one and play there but it has now been added back in.

The post was short and we will probably get more clarification over the next few days but at the moment it can only be seen as a defensive reaction.  Microsoft wanted to push us towards a more cloud future with more restrictions, but the general reaction from E3 was negative enough that they have quickly changed policy.

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