Both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 are now confirmed to have voice control systems after an announcement this week from Sony.  We have known since the launch that the Xbox One will have Kinect voice control on all systems but Sony’s camera details have been more vague.

PlayStation Camera

Sony gave a talk to retail staff at GameStop Expo in Las Vegas and showed the above slide confirming that the PlayStation Camera would have navigational features.   Unlike Microsoft’s bundled approach the PS4’s camera will be an accessory costing an extra £54 bringing the two system’s to near pricing parity.

Both consoles have the potential to be more accessible with voice and gesture controls however Microsoft seems to have an edge.  Because the Kinect is compulsory will have more 1st party support from Microsoft and is more likely to have more 3rd party support.  The PlayStation Camera on the other hand will be an an accessory that it is very unlikely a majority of PS4 owners will possess – at least at the beginning – and as such will get a lower priority from developers.  Add to these fact Microsoft’s greater experience in the current generation and if voice control is important to you then the Xbox One seems to be the way to go.

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