Wearables and trackers are a market area that are expanding rapidly and the Kidfit is a tracker from a company called X-Doria that is specifically designed to be simple, straightforward and easy to use.  Instead of tracking walking it tracks movement and exercise in general and displays how far the user is to a their preset goal.  This goal is 100 points rather than a specific distance.  The band also tracks sleep patterns and when used in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android) can analyse the sleep and movement data.

The bands themselves are brightly coloured with the water resistant electronics being popped out for USB charging.  They connect via Bluetooth LE and thus claim a battery life of around a week.

The Kidfit is a very simple design of device and that is probably it’s biggest appeal.  It’s target demographic is children but I can see how this could be equally useful for those with autism or learning disabilities.  The Kidfit is available now for $49 with free shipping in the US and around $20 shipping to the UK.  That’s a total of around £42 which is a potentially an excellent price for a week long activity and sleep tracker.

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