Augmented reality systems are designed to add  to reality.  This usually means adding data to a camera feed – the classic example is a fighter pilot’s heads up display – but it does not have be visual.  The Woojer was a Kickstarter project that is designed to add tactile feedback to sound.  In other words to overuse a cliche to let you feel the music.


The project funded and is beginning to ship right now to backers.  It is also available for purchase for new customers.

The device is a small subwoofer that you attach to your clothing either over your hip or collarbone.  Run a headphone cable from your phone or computer to the Woojer and another from it your headphones.  Any music, sound effects or voice played thorough adds a physical but not audible extra.  If you are using an iPhone (Android to come soon) there is an app to let you adjust the specific base for different types of sound, spoken word, sound effects or different types of music.

It is designed to make gaming, movies or music more immersive but with the addition of a microphone could be used to give a physical notification and sensation when there was noise and be very useful for the hearing impaired.

We’re getting a review unit and will have a full  look at how well it works and how how it can be used by those with reduced or no hearing.





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