The Ergohacks Verdict

I recall Cass at the age of 3 with great fondness. As the parent of a 3-year old, I was asked a question about every two minutes. Some were new and interesting whilst others remained the same: “When is it time for breakfast?”, “Is it Spring yet?”,  “What day is it today?”, “Is it morning?”, “Is it raining?”, “Is it time to play?”, “When will it snow?”. It was these seasonal, date and time questions that inspired the purchase of the Viga Wooden Calendar Clock.

It’s vibrant colours made it both visually appealing and helped to organize information at a pre-literacy age. Every time she asked a relevant question, we pulled out the clock and used it to find an answer together. Every day we would set the day and date and judge the weather. It seems like a simple thing as an adult, but for a small child, understanding time is a highly complex learned skill. We’ve spent four years with this clock now and it’s still a favourite. It helped her understand the passage of time and how to divide it in a meaningful way. It’s helped her spell names of the seasons, the days of the week and the months of the year as she’s gotten older and we still use it to learn how to tell time.

Learning how to understand and measure the passage of time is a vital skill and as we introduced it to Cass in a concrete, visual way that she could understand early on in life, she’s always had a really good grasp of how time works. The design is less appealing at the age of almost 7 than it was at the age of 3, but she still uses it as a visual aid and enjoys ticking the days along. Recommended.

Ergohacks Essential

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The clock is sturdy, spill proof and wipes down easily. It has four wooden feet that prevent sliding when placed flat on a table and also has wall-mounting fittings for hanging. Some of the sliders are a bit difficult to slide.

Item Weight 522 g
Package Dimensions 31.4 x 31.2 x 3.4 cm

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About Viga

Via is a Chinese wooden toy manufacturer and distributor based in Ningbo.* All Viga toys are made with non-toxic paints & inks and comply with EN71 & ASTM toy standards.

 We based our Ergohacks Verdict on 2 weeks of testing and about 4 years of use. This product is still in regular use today. This article was first published on 25 March 2014 and last updated on 16 October 2017.