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As the parent of a 3.5 year old I am asked a question about every two minutes. Some are new and interesting whilst others remain the same: “When is it time for breakfast?”, “Is it Spring yet?”,  “What day is it today?”, “Is it morning?”, “Is it raining?”, “Is it time to play?”, “When will it snow?”.


I prefer answering questions once in a way that limits the chance of the same ones cropping up over and over. The wooden calendar clock is a great way to get some of the time, date and weather related queries answered in a visually appealing way that lets her find the answers to questions herself.

I particularly value that Saturday and Sunday is a different colour from weekdays, making it easy for her to work out when it will be weekend. She also uses the morning, afternoon and evening settings to keep track of different times of day and how long it is until the next scheduled activity.

The vibrant colours make it both visually appealing and helps to organize information. Most of the colour coding is distinctive, except for spring and summer which are not only next to each other,but also both predominantly green.

The clock is sturdy, spill proof and wipes down easily. It has four wooden feet that prevent sliding when placed flat on a table and also has wall-mounting fittings for hanging. The dials have different actions that require different fine motor skills to use and the frame sliders require some precision and grip to slide. I would use Sugru to add knobs for children with severe fine motor issues.

It is one of the most cost-effective calendar clocks on the market and mine arrived quickly, well-packaged and in pristine condition from Amazon.  

Retailer: Amazon (Prime Eligible)