A wobble cushion, also known as a stability disc or balance cushion is strong enough to sit or stand on and when doing so, it provides an unstable surface. It is used to improve proprioception and increase ankle and knee stability when standing on it. It can help children fidget less when sitting and help increase focus and attention in children with ADHD, hyperactivity, dyspraxia, dyslexia and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). It works well as a seat cushion for those with back and hip issues to increase core stability and prevent areas from going numb when sitting for longer periods.

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Wobble cushion exercises


Standing on a wobble cushion helps with proprioception. Proprioception is the mechanism in your body that tells you where you are in space and it is vital to maintaining balance and preventing injuries. One of the first exercises given to improve ankle stable is to stand with one foot on a wobble cushion and the other on the floor, then both feet and then with eyes closed or balancing on one leg.


Sitting on a wobble cushion encourages core muscles to engage and continuously make small adjustments to accommodate sitting on an unstable surface.

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Variations of standard exercises

Wobble cushions are often used with standard exercises to increase the difficulty or add a proprioceptive challenge. Standard rehabilitation and strengthening exercises for ankle and knee injuries, yoga poses and other routines can all be adapted to include the use of a wobble cushion.

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