The Wizzybug offers something hard to come by for a child with a physical disability: fun and independent mobility. It is an indoor and outdoor vehicle specifically designed for children between the ages of 2 – 5 years. It has everything a top of the line electric wheelchair has: adjustable seating, memory foam cushions, adjustable armrest for joystick control, switch and carer controls, puncture proof tires and thoracic support and a tray is available, but in the shape of a little red driveable bug.

wizzy feature

It was designed by BIME, the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, in partnership with Whizz-Kids and all Wizzybugs are built onsite in Bath using locally sourced components.

Loan Scheme

A loan scheme is available to children on mainland UK that lends a Wizzybug to children who would benefit from it at no cost. The Centre for Cerebral Palsy also has a loan scheme available in Australia. More information and contact details are available from BIME here.

Buy a Wizzybug

Wizzybugs are available for purchase in the UK, Western Australia, Europa, Asia, South America, Africa and Israel, but due to the high cost of product liability insurance they are not available in North America (USA or Canada). In the UK they are available for sale from Simplyhealth for £3,175 + VAT.

Manufacturer: Designability (BIME): Wizzy Bug