Like it or loath it Windows 8 and its new modern Metro style interface is now a established part of the PC market and with the death of XP is likely to become a larger one in the future.  As such its updates are important to larger and larger numbers of people.  Microsoft gave the free update to 8.1 in October 2013 and is now releasing another smaller update.

Win 8 1 Update 1

The update’s changes are focused to those who use Windows with a mouse and keyboard – in other words the majority.

  • Modern start screen tiles are now easier to move around and can be resized and right clicked with the mouse.
  • A power button, search box and settings tile are added to the start screen
  • Windows will automatically boot to the Desktop rather than the start screen on new PCs.  This will not affect your current system.
  • The taskbar will be visible on the start screen and in tiled apps which should make it easier to switch between Modern and desktop apps

There are a number of other under the hood and more minor changes focused on speed and performance but most people will not see the difference unless you are running on a less powerful machine.

Windows 8.1 Update will be available today as a free update via the Microsoft Store in the Modern interface.  If you do not see it make sure your system is fully patched using Windows Update as if you are missing patches it will not appear.






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