If you use a PC or are involved in any way with the tech industry the chances are that you know what’s happening today – Windows 10 is becoming available. Everyone knows it’s coming today but the details are far less known.

So what are the crucial details?

How much will it cost? If you are a home user it’s free!

Who can get it?  If you are a home user and have a genuine copy of Windows 7 or 8 and if your computer hits the minimum spec – which almost every system will then you can download and install if for free. If you are running XP or Vista or have a tiny Windows tablet you are going to be out of luck.

When can I get it? The best answer is soon. Microsoft are staging downloads and upgrades in the following order – Windows Insider members, those who signed up via Windows then everyone else. The free upgrade will be available for at least a year from today.

Will it make my PC run better? Yes almost certainly. The pre-release versions have given a small speed increase to systems almost across the board.

What extras will I get? A better start menu, multiple switchable desktops, better cloud drive controls, a replacement to Internet Explorer, better communications with your phone (and yes also iOS and Android), Cortana (a personal assistant) and better integration with the Xbox One.

Why should I not upgrade? If you are using any old but critical hardware like a printer that you think might have driver issues then you should hold off to see if the manufacturers release a driver or if the older driver keeps working. If you are on a very restricted internet connection you might want to think about not upgrading immediately as Windows 10 downloads updates to itself automatically which could use up a lot of your bandwidth.

In short Windows 10 is Microsoft’s attempt to get past the mess that was Windows 8 and to revive its flagging OS division. The signs and early reviews are good for Windows 10 but expect a slow rollout and some problems which will probably ultimately give us all nice product.

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