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Carers are an often underappreciated and unconsidered part of the fabric of society and it is relatively rare to find items or schemes aimed directly at them.  I live in Wiltshire and it was therefore a very nice surprise to find out that Wiltshire council runs a scheme called the Wiltshire Passport.

This scheme gives carers a small discount or an upgrade at many local businesses and unlike similar schemes I’ve seen it’s not dependent on the caree being present as well – its just for the carer.  To qualify you need to be registered as a carer and either carry a Carer Emergency Car or be in the Disabled Children’s Information database.


Once registered you get a card which you present when buying a service or item.  The list is an odd mix containing everything from cheaper theatre tickets to discounts on hairdressing and reduced cost garden furniture or money off petrol.  It is not the biggest list in the world but there is probably something to interest most people on it.

If you live in Wiltshire and care it makes sense to get a a Wiltshire Passport but what about if you do not live here?  There are doubtless similar schemes available in many places but they are difficult to find (and probably not called Passport schemes).  The best place to start is to request a carers assessment from your local council social services department.  As part of an assessment, which is carried out by a social worker, they should be able to recommend any local schemes which would apply to you.  Carers UK has a good write up of what to expect of a Carers assessment here.

Wiltshire Passport