There is a lot of discussion, often heated, around gender issues, feminism and the role of women at home and in the workplace. Michael Kimmel, an American sociologist specializing in gender studies gave a TED talk: “Why gender equality is good for everyone – men included”. It is a hilarious and informative discussion about the perception of gender equality.

It touches on some of the universal points about equality. Here is one:

“I have a colleague, and she and I both teach the sociology of gender course on alternate semesters. So she gives a guest lecture for me when I teach. I give a guest lecture for her when she teaches. So I walk into her class to give a guest lecture, about 300 students in the room and as I walk in, one of the students looks up and says, ‘Oh, finally, an objective opinion’.

All that semester, whenever my colleague opened her mouth, what my students saw was a woman. I mean, if you were to say to my students, ‘There is structural inequality based on gender in the United States,’ they’d say, ‘Well of course you’d say that. You’re a woman, you’re biased.’ When I say it, they go, ‘Wow, is that interesting. Is that going to be on the test? How do you spell ‘structural’?”

Watch the whole TED talk (subtitles in multiple languages are available) or read the transcript here.