Where to get your tech news?

I was recently asked where I get my information tech news and how I keep up to date on everything that is going on.  So in order of decreasing importance this is how I keep up to date and what is in my Feedly.



DTNS – the Daily Tech News Show

A daily podcast by Tom Meritt and funded via Paetron.  I’ve been following Tom through several incarnations of tech news shows including Buzz Out Loud and TNT.  The show is about half an hour long and covers the important headlines and then spends a few minuites discussing them.  The show is mainly audio, although there is an unofficial video version.

Twit network – specifically Security Now and TWIG

The Twit network is a series of tech podcasts run by Leo Laporte.  They cover almost every tech and tech news topic but the two shows that I really find valuable are Security Now and TWIG.  Security Now is presented by the highly knowledgeable and eccentric Steve Gibson and covers the weeks security news and deep ‘propeller head’ tech topics.  TWIG or This Week in Google covers Google, the cloud and cloud culture discussed by Laporte, Jeff Jarvis and Gina Trapani.

The Verge

The Verge was setup by Joshua Topolsky in 2011 the former editor of Endgaget.  It has gone through several minor refreshes but remains my favorite place for short and medium form tech writing.  If a story is in the news or and event going on the Verge will have an article on it.


Wired is a venerable brand having launched in 1993 and now having a thriving online presence.  The UK version of the site is excellent for long form writting and editorials with a UK slant.

The Others

After those there are a number of other sites I scan through.  Medgaget, Lifehacker, Savygamer, TorrentFreak, SearchEngine Land and Hack A Day.  Beyond these sites if a big leak comes out I try and get back to the original leaking site – and there are thousands of potential sites over the web.

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