Summer is coming and with it outdoor life, picnics, pub gardens and spending time outside. The picnic bench is a classic part of the English pub garden or picnic site and has worked its way into a lot of gardens and unexpected places. Great. So what about if you use a wheelchair? With a normal table pull a chair out of the way and make a few minor adjustments and you can use it normally – this is not the case for a wheelchair.

There are two possible answers – buying an adapted table or getting one made. There seem to be two design keys. Leave space to pull a wheelchair in with no seat or obstructing legs. Raise the table up slightly from a ‘normal’ picnic table and there you are.

picnic table 1

Several companies make tables specifically for the market including External Work’s 3 wheelchair version above, and the very impressive looking 2 chair traditional from Woodford Timber.

If you want to go more custom or DIY the US NCA (National Centre for Accessibility) has written a set of specifications for what a table should do and fit which provide a good starting point. Instructables goes one step further and provides a complete set of instructions for making tables that are compliant with these guidelines.  They might be a little large for most UK gardens but could provide a very good starting point for your project.

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