Some TV’s become classic with their innovative use of storylines, camera, characters or style. Some sneak up on you and make you think and some are just plain fun. Supernatural is just fun. The show follows brothers Dean and Sam as they struggle with larger and larger supernatural threats to the world. It starts off relatively innocuously as they try to find their obsessed demon hunter father and ramps up slowly to the point where by the fifth season the brothers are dealing with the apocalypse and trying to get Satan back into hell.

Originally conceived as a three season show the main storyline soon expanded to five and keeps expanding having just reached its eleventh season. The show is horror western style – the hero’s ride into town (in a Chevy Impala) to (70s) rock music, proceed to fix the problem and often get the girl and then keep moving on.  I found that it lost a bit in quality and direction around the 6th season but quickly recovered and is now consistently entertaining. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is frequently self-referential and talks to its fans and refers to fan conventions.

In the UK Supernatural can be watched on Channel 4 and E4 with previous seasons on Sky Living and Living UK