Mr Robot, the critically acclaimed and award winning TV series about hacker culture is also one of the best dramatic portrayals of the effect that mental illness can have on day-to-day life. Elliot Alderson, excellently portrayed by Rami Malek, has a social anxiety disorder, depression with an unhealthy dose of paranoia and delusion.

It’s a series that’s done for the hacker genre what the first season of ER did for medical drama. It has a high level of accuracy and depth, but it’s comic-book inspired plot, superfluous cast and regular moments that require suspending your knowledge of how the real world works, it isn’t as brilliant as it could have been. If the main plot line didn’t exist at all, I think it could have been up there with some of the greatest TV series of all time.

Rami Malek saves the show with his magnificent performance and despite its flaws, Mr Robot deserves the acclaim it has received and is one of the top series of 2015.

It is a gritty series with some explicit violence, behaviour and themes many may find shocking, but for anyone who can put up with it’s Marvel-inspired universe, Elliot Alderson’s world is a very accurate and honest take of what happens when depression, anxiety and self-medication with illicit drugs is combined with submersion into a subculture with no safety net.

Pushing and eventually breaking the boundaries, rules and laws that mainstream society is built on becomes just another day in the life of Elliot Anderson.

Season 1 Launch Trailer