The Khan Academy

MOOC is an acronym which most people will not have heard of, but which is likely to become bigger over the next few years. It stands for Massive Open Online Course and is a free online way to learn. Instead of signing up for a paid university or local college course, the idea is that you can learn anything and anyhow that suits you.

There are a number of providers, but perhaps the best known is the Khan Academy. They provide basic and intermediate lectures and information on Math, Physics, Biology, Economics, Art History, Computer Science, Health and Medicine and more. The courses are designed to be used either by an individual or controlled by a central teacher or parent.

I had a browse through and the videos seem to cover almost everything I can think of. All seem high quality, well made and presented. There are over 10,000 at the moment with more being added regularly. They can be accessed either via YouTube, The Khan Academy Website or via Android or iOS apps. Best of all the service is totally free – no adds or paid subscriptions required.

If you want a quick refresh of some rusty skills, to keep one step ahead of the kids or just want to learn something new – the Khan Academy is a good starting point.

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