This week any dedicated console gamer will be talking about E3 and will be wondering what will happen and what will be announced, but those who haven’t quite made it into the swing of serious gaming may be wondering, what is E3?

E3 was originally known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo and is an exclusive event held annually in the Los Angeles Convention Centre.  The event is limited to gaming journalists that represent large publications or have big online followings. It is very console slanted and this year will have both Sony and Microsoft giving more information about their respective consoles whilst Nintendo have decided not to hold a major event.



When Microsoft announced the Xbox One they clearly said that they would be announcing more games and more gaming related news at E3. They have released a trailer so we can be sure that Gears of War, Dark  Souls 2, Forza, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Halo will be at least mentioned.

Since the original Xbox announcement we have got some clarity on the situation with second hand games (tradeable once to friends and resellable through ‘licensed retailers’) and always online (needs to be online once every 24 hours for games and once every hour if playing on a different box).  There are however questions about the fate of the Xbox 360 and of course everyone is hoping to get release dates and prices for the Xbox One.


Sony was less clear about what would be announced at E3 but it is to be hoped that we will actually get to see the PS4’s hardware that has not yet been shown. They have released a trailer with views of a box, but it is unclear if this is the PS4.

The trailer also shows screenshots and action from multiple games and Sony has said they will showcase more than 40 games across the PS4, PS3 and the Vita including Beyond: Two Souls, Destiny, DriveClub and the Last of Us.

Microsoft’s keynote is 10th June, 5:30pm BST, Sony’s keynote is 10th June at 2am BST and both will be live streamed. Watch it through any number of large game sites or go to the official site’s stream. The E3 Expo runs from June 11th to 13th.

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