Most disabilities are relatively easy to imagine, at least on a superficial basis.  It is uncomplicated to imagine having no sight at all or an issue with mobility and hearing loss is fairly easy to understand or reproduce.  But what about colorblindness?  This is not so much an inability to see color but means that color is seen in a different way to the standard.

There are three most common sorts of colorblindness which are deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia.  These are basically red/green colorblindness, red/blue or black and blue/yellow color colorblindness.  So what does that look like?   There are a number of available filters for the PC which can reproduce them.  We used Color Oracle to look and and then take screen shots of our site.







As you can see the difference in color palettes is obvious.  It is virtually impossible to pick a palette which will not change significantly for somebody but the key is to make sure that the changes do not make the site less legible or accessible – and remain as close to your style as possible.

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