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This week the Eurogamer Show – EGX was ( and still is) on in the NEC in Birmingham. I was lucky enough to spend two days there playing as many games as I could get my hands on, talking to anyone who stayed still long enough and watching talks. Some of the results should show up here in the next few months but there were a few standouts.

If you’ll pardon the pun VR is finally reality. I got to use the three major systems and while they’re all still not quite ready for release and had their own strengths and weaknesses they are now something that you can tell will get there and will work.

A number of indie games stood out for me – Guns of Icarus’s PVE expansion fighting AI airships stands out for just being plain fun. Induction may win the prize for the weirdest game of the show – you control a character that can move in time so you are on the screen in multiple instances and timelines. Perlinoid is a color based puzzle game that’s beautiful and accessible.

Sublevel Zero is a blast from the past – flying a spaceship with six degrees of freedom down a mine while fighting robots. For someone who played the heck out of Descent and its sequels its perfect – I couldn’t stop smiling.

The talks were interesting as always – and now available on YouTube. For me the standouts were Chet Faliszek from Valve talking about the future of VR and David Braben talking about the past and future of Elite Dangerous.

As always there was a good mix of AAA titles with Star Wars Battlefront and Lara Croft both being immediate fun to play and Just Cause 3 being a surprise success for me.

All in all EGX was as fun as always – for me it showed off the promise of VR and made me excited for 2016.