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A simple question to start this post – do you like well written, sharply dialogue and characterized television? Do you like political drama? If you do the chances are that you’re already a fan of the West Wing. We wrote about it in November last year and a couple of weeks ago I found myself re-watching the first Episode of the show. This seems to happen every two or three years but this time is different.

As well as the West Wing I’m a avid podcast listener. Most of my podcasts are centred around tech, gaming or culture but following a recommendation from Nate Lanxon I’ve found the West Wing Weekly.

This podcast is at a base level two friends talking about each episode of the West Wing in turn with an occasional other friend dropping in to offer a story or anecdote. Sounds good? It is and when you realise that the friends are Hrishikesh Hirway a noted podcaster who makes Song Exploder and Joshua Malina who played Will Bailey and the friends have so far included Tim Matheson (John Hoynes) Bill O’Brien (Kenny Thurman), Kathleen York, (Andrea Wyatt), Richard Schiff (Toby), Janel Moloney (Donna) and Dule Hill (Charlie) to name but a few.

The way the podcast is structured you watch an episode of the West Wing then listen to it being discussed, get the backstory on the actual shooting, anecdotes and discussion about the issues and plotlines. Hirway and Malina are real life friends and their discussion is always interesting. I have to admit that I’m not always in agreement with their analysis of the plotline and twists but they’ve always got a decent rational for what they propose.

If you’re a West Wing fan you should be listening to the podcast for the anecdotes if nothing else but if you’re planning a re-watch it’s a great way to add another layer. The West Wing Weekly is available through most podcatchers or directly via their website.

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