This year is supposed to be the year of wearable technology and its medical uses are fore amount many of our thoughts.  The WEMU takes this to its extreme.  The device has been developed between two charities (Epilepsy Action and Efappe) and a Bioserenity (a medical device maker) and is a smart shirt and hat that record epileptic seizures.

Diagnosing epilepsy can be difficult as getting seizures on cue and inside the range of sensors can be complicated.  The WEMU takes these sensors and attaches them inside the clothing.  The sensors record heart rate and beat, muscle contractions and bran activities.  This is gathered and transmitted to a smartphone.  The smartphone stores and analyses the data and makes it available to the user or medical personnel.

Unsurprisingly the builders are looking for more funding and after a early ended Indiegogo campaign seem to be looking for alternative ways  to turn their working prototype into something that can be mass produced.  If they can find this alternative sources of funding the shirt and hat have the potential to be very useful in helping diagnose seizures and potentially a number of other health related conditions where long term monitoring could be useful


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