Ubisoft’s latest big name release Watchdogs is released worldwide today in one of the more highly anticipated tests of the new console generations.  Watch Dogs is an open world third person shooter with the twist that as well as being a shooter you are also a hacker interacting with systems around you.  The game is set in Chicago and the single player version follows hacker Aiden Pearce as e tries to bring justice to the system that allowed his niece to die.  There is also a multiplayer version for up to 8 players with both a co-op and competitive modes.

The game was originally announced in 2012 and has been pushed back in date twice partially to allow polishing but also to allow it to be on the new generation of consoles rather than the old.  Pre-reviews are generally very favorable with a surprising amount of praise for the plotline and general appreciation of the ingame mechanics.  We’ve little information on it from an accessibility point of view although stylistically it appears very dark with at least some of the UI as white text on a black background.

Watchdogs is available on the PS4Xbox OneXbox 360PS3PC DVD and PC Download.  There is also to be a Wii U version but this is delayed to the fourth quarter of 2014.


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