Teaching the concept of making progress through a task can be very difficult, particularly if the person being taught cannot read numbers. Waitstrip by JTB Apps is a very simple app that gives a visually simple representation of tasks to be carried out. It allows the user to remain focused or to be aware when they have to move off the focus – something that can be very useful to those on the autistic spectrum.


The app was developed in conjunction between a mother who teaches special needs and her programmer son and is designed to be as simple as possible. The user can select the colour of their dots between green, blue and pink and can select 5, 8 or 10 gradations. As a dot is touched (presumably when a section of the task is completed) it changes color. When all the dots are changed the app announces that “You are finished!”

The app costs 69p on the iOS app store only, although JTB does program for Android as well so there is presumably some chance of a port in the future.

Waitsrip for iOS

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