Vax Dust & Vac Corded Hard Floor Cleaner Review

If you live in a house with hard sealed floors it can be difficult to decide between brushing and using a vacuum cleaner. Each have their advantages – brushes are cheaper and tend to get more dust moved and vacuums actually remove the dust they catch. Personally we’ve ended up with a brush for the quick fixes and a vacuum cleaner for the deep cleans and big jobs.

Vax are producing a product – the “Dust and Vac Corded Hard Floor Cleaner” which tries to fall in between the two and get the advantages of both. The Cleaner can best be described as a microfiber pad with a small suction motor on a stick. The idea is less that the motor’s suction will collect all dust and more that you can brush and collect dust with the microfiber and then the suction will get the smaller dust that might be raised.

The microfiber pad is removable and machine washable and is designed to be flexible around the edges so that it can fold around skirting boards and get into smaller nooks and crannies. The Vax is deliberately sold as a lightweight and quick to grab solution with the idea it can be moved from room to room and handle small amounts of debris rather than something that can be used for deep or whole house cleaning.

The Cleaner is the thing you keep in your office cupboard or under the bed easily grabbable rather than keeping it in the cleaning cupboard where have to go looking for it. See a bit of dust or knock something over – and pull it out to sort a specific problem. It’s less than 2kg and much smaller than you’d expect. I found that it would hang from a wall hook and stay out of the way until I needed it. It would also work well for someone who lived in a very small tiny-home or bedsit where storage space is very limited.

To achieve this Vax has had to make some compromises – perhaps the biggest is the relatively short cable. It is possible to do a whole room with the Cleaner but you’ll probably have to unplug and replug several times. On the same note while it would seem ideal to do stairs the cable length meant I ended up with a couple of stairs right in the middle I would have had to break out an extension cord to reach. The motor is of a relatively low wattage and while it can handle dust has problems with larger dirt.

Product Information

Price: £49.99

Vax Cleaner in three clippable parts, microfiber pad, guarantee, quick start instructions.

Extra microfiber pads can be bought from Vax for £9.99 for 2.

Retailer: Vax or Amazon

About Manufacturer: Vax

Vax is the UK’s biggest-selling floorcare company although they are probably best know for the pull along cleaner launched in the 70s and their use of neon orange wherever they can get away with it. Their range includes vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, air purifiers and pressure washers.

As with any large company they have an extensive environmental policy here. The high points can be summed up as increasing the reliability of products to get a longer lifespan out of them, less packaging, recycling schemes and reductions in the amount of harmful chemicals used in their manufacture and as supplies.


The Ergohacks Evaluation


The Cleaner is versatile and leans itself to a variety of situations as long as you bear in mind that it is intended for hard surfaces and small scales. It is also surprisingly usable even if not turned on or plugged in acting like a heavy microfiber brush.

Ergonomic Design

The Cleaner is ergonomically designed with a single large power button well positioned and the cable easily storable on the built-in hooks. The whole unit can be hung from a hook on the wall and hangs surprisingly well. I found the clip to get into the dust capture a little stiff although after a couple of weeks of use it did loosen up slightly so this might be a short-term problem.

The pad is removable and washable and seems to hold up quite well after a couple of times around the washing machine although it takes a day or so to air dry. I’m not sure how well it will hold up long term and as it’s held on by elastic as soon as that starts going it’ll require replacing. For now getting it on and off is straightforward and simple.

The total weight of the unit is less than 2kg which is light enough for most people to lift or slide across the floor and works well

Environment & People

The Cleaner does not have any specific environmental certification but it gets big points for having the pad be re-usable after a wash. The fact that the unit vacuums as well as moving dust means that it is gets the air noticeably clearer than a brush would.

There is a downside to the small size and motor – it’s much louder than you’d expect, being very similar in volume to a full size vacuum cleaner and possibly louder at times.


The Cleaner falls into a market slice that makes it hard to quantify its cost. It isn’t a vacuum cleaner as it can only handle hard floors and isn’t a brush as it’s got a motor. It’s cost seems to fall in between the two areas which is reasonable for what it is. It will have some ongoing costs – the pads – but they are re-usable and while they aren’t cheap at £5 each are not bank breaking either.



Weight: 1.85kg
Cord length: 4m
Suction Wattage: 150W

Guarantee 1 year




When looking at a product it is always important to avoid expecting too much. In the case of the Vax Dust and Vac you might be tempted to think of it as vacuum cleaner. If you did you’d be doing it and yourself a disservice. The Dust and Vac is as the name describes – hard floors only and for dusting and vacuuming up the dust – no carpets need to apply here. Once you have that distinction firmly in your head is it a good product? Yes. It’s well designed and solidly engineered. The cable length is an issue but again – focus on the use case – this is for small cleans not whole house. The pad picks up dust well and the suction is a welcome addition.

Recommended for small apartments and quick cleans.

The review is based on the Vax Dust & Vac Corded Hard Floor Cleaner, HF86-DV-A. This post contains affiliate links. First published on 4th November 2015

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