Valve has announced on its Steam site that it will be making a game console.  On Monday it announced that it was creating a fork of Linux called SteamOS and today’s announcement shows some of the hardware.

SteamBox Beta

The announcement laid out some of the timetable for getting Steam boxes running in our living rooms but was short on most of the details.  Here’s what we know for sure.  There will be a beta this year which anyone can apply for for one of 300 Valve made Steam boxes.  There will be a variety of Steam Boxes on the market in 2014 at a range of price points from different manufacturers but Valve will not be making one commercially themselves.

There is no concrete information about the specs or hardware of the beta Steam box, but have said it will be open and hackable and that the beta will be public.  Interestingly as well as saying that a keyboard or gamepad could be used to control it “we have some more to say very soon on the topic of input.”

The hardware manufacturers for the finished product are not mentioned but Valves model seems to be similar to that of Google’s Android.  Provide a free with decent services to manufacturers and they will use it in preference to making their own or paying for one.  We’ll have to see who Valve have managed to sign up but if they can get big names like Samsung or HP onboard this could be very interesting.

Finally Valve have started another countdown for a Friday afternoon announcement.  If I had to guess I’d expect a game controller, but some are hoping for the very much delayed Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

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