We all browse around a lot on the web and find ourselves signing up for new services and websites that look interesting or might offer something new.  Most of the time the new sites do not live up to their potential or we just do not use them and in that case it makes sense to delete your account.


Deleting an account sounds simple to do in theory but in practice can be very complicated. Different sites have different policies and ways to do it ranging from a simple click in the settings to emailing a specific email address to being impossible.

Justdelete.me aims to make it simple and does nothing more or less than listing what the procedure is on most popular sites.  The site is free and has been translated into 12 different languages.  A Chrome Browser extension is also available that will take you to the specific page on a site to delete your account.

Most of us will not be so careful as to delete our accounts regularly but for the times where we do want to justdelete.me comes in very useful.


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