USB Flash drive for your phone

Moving data from your PC to PC or PC to your phone has gotten easier over the years with cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive but occasionally the old standby of a USB flash drive for larger or more secure moves has been preferable.  The only problem is that it has not been practical with your phone. 81vn5wezYzL._SL1500_ Whilst Android phones generally have a microUSB port flash drives have been exclusively full size USB, until the Adata Dashdrive Durable UD320 USB OTG.

This three part unit lets you plug into the phone with the central unit when removed the full size USB plugs into your PC. Its a very simple idea that makes you wonder why its not been done before.  It allows easy backups, moving of files and making extra space on your phone even away from the PC.  The UD320 is available via Amazon as 16GB for £11.37 and 32GB for £17.44.  You’ll need and Android smartphone that runs 4.1 or later and supports OTG – most do, although the Nexus 5 is a notable exception.

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