It is a well known fact that if you really want to eat green one crucial factor is the miles that have been put on the food. Kiwi’s from New Zealand might be grown greenly and organically but the act of transporting the food adds to its negative environmental impact. In an ideal world you would want to eat food produced within a few miles of your house but in a city in particular this can be very difficult. Today a fortnight long celebration is kicking off in London to discuss just this issue. Urban Food Fortnight was was launched in 2012 as Urban food week and has grown to over 140 separate events with over 10,000 people taking part timed to coincide with harvest season.

It includes exhibitions and events looking at various types of food production in London from growing to brewing and distilling and special menus at restaurants, garden open days, walking tours and workshops. In short if it’s to do with local London food preparation then there’s probably something going on that will interest you.

There is a complete list of events here and a map here from the large events like the Abbey Gardens Harvest Festival to a workshop on the best way to grow herbs. Events are generally free or very low-priced and if you are in London in the next couple of weeks it’s well worth a look.

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