The Ototo (oh-toe-toe) is a PCB (Printed circuit board) Synthesizer that can turn anything – plants, paper, pots, pans, books – into a musical instrument. The circuit board has 12 key (1 Octave) and works as a musical keyboard straight out of the box. Connect any conductive object to the circuit board with its crocodile clips and make your own musical instrument.

ototo pcb synthesizer

Design studio Dentaku will be releasing it later this year and plan to write an accompanying story with it to engage users and demonstrate how to use it. It’s kid-friendly, accessible, easy to use and requires no expertise in either music, electronics or coding. It’s a great idea with a price tag of under $100.

Ototo features

  • 12 key capacitive touch keyboard (1 octave) which you can connect to conductive objects via crocodile clips
  • 4 sensor inputs that allow you to change different aspects of the sound
  • No coding required
  • Onboard speaker
  • 3.5mm audio output
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries or micro USB
  • Arduino compatible if you want to hack.

Source: A Kid-Friendly Circuit Board Turns Everything Into A Musical Instrument