Walkers have always been a disability aid with an image problem.  Think of a walker you probably think of it as something to be used either only by the elderly and ideally only indoors.  US company Trionic has launched a range of walkers called the Veloped which has redesigned walkers to something more modern looking and hi-tech.

The designs are originally Swedish and have several similarities over the different models.  All have three (or three sets) of wheels, have an aluminum frame that looks more like an expensive pushchair and all have a number of accessories that can be added.  In addition the front wheels include a climber that allow easy mounting of kerbs, up to 13cm.

As with most walkers the veloped’s are foldable and the wheels are removable.  Trionic has been commendable in their provided information and give exact dimensions and weights of all of the models, both assembled, folded and with out wheels.

The walkers are not a cheap option, varying from around £810 to around £1000 depending on model and accessories and are available from resellers in the UK or directly from Trionic in some cases.

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