We love smoothies, who doesn’t? They may not be as healthy as just eating a piece of fruit or chomping on a carrot, but a homemade smoothie is far healthier than many alternatives and even though some fibre are broken down, high fibre ingredients do not break down entirely.

The Vitablend Blender is a great smoothie maker that blends smoothly and lets me make individual smoothies to taste. It is easy to use, easy to keep clean and it has earned a permanent place on the kitchen shelf for convenient, frequent use.

Product Information

Price: £25 – 50

Included in the box: High-Torque Power Base, stainless steel flat blade, stainless steel cross blade, tall cup, short cup, 4 x party mugs, 4 x coloured rings for
party mugs, 2 x re-sealable storage lids, 2 x shaker/steamer tops, blender and lid attachment, juice extractor, plunger, recipe book and instruction manual.

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About Tower and RKW

Tower is a well-known British housewares company based on Wolverhampton known for manufacturing inexpensive kitchen electrical appliances and accessories. Tower was established in the early 1900’s in Wolverhampton, taken over by Russel Hobbs in 1974 and sold to housewares and electricals distributor RKW in 2014.

RKW has offices in the UK, Hong Kong and Mainland China and “owns several major brands, including Tower, Akai, Carmen, Pifco, Signature, Teknique, Itek, Anzo and Warmlite/Warmnite – and also licenses the Morphy Richards brand for cookware and housewares, which has over 3000 product lines in its portfolio.” Read more about RKW on their official site here.

vitablend pieces


Tower’s Vitablend is a compact blender marketing as a multi-functional device that makes soups, dips, smoothies and juices fruit. We have had limited success with the added functions – the soups require microwaving which we prefer to avoid and the juice is strained and as a result wastes most of the fruit, which we also try to avoid. We have had great success making a wide range of smoothies as well as homemade hummus.

The quality of the smoothies are superior to the bar style smoothie maker we had previously used and it blended carrots, courgettes, spinach, kale and beetroot into smooth bit-free drinks.

  • Optimized for indoors use in a domestic kitchen
  • Target age: Adults
  • Designed for either left or right-handed use.
  • Optimised for two-handed use, one-handed use with difficulty.

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The Tower Vitablend can be used to minimize food waste. Parts of fruit and vegetables that often go to waste, like apple cores, peelings and the ends of vegetables can all be thrown into the blender and is chopped up smoothly into a smoothie.

Legislative compliance: 2011/65/EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive; 1935/2004/EC Materials & Articles in Contact With Food (LFGB section 30 & 31).


The Vitablend is a cost-effective choice. It is inexpensive and matched market price for similar style blenders when sold for around £30. It saves time in the kitchen – 100% of produce can be added with little chopping and no peeling and it makes quick dips and near instant soups (with use of a microwave). The two lids allowed me to prepare smoothies in advance for breakfast, providing a relatively healthy breakfast in less than 2 minutes.


Colour Black
Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
Diameter: 18 centimetres
Item Weight: 2.4 Kg
Volume Capacity: 1 litre
Power / Wattage: 250 watts
Material: Plastic
Colour: Black, Cream, White, Red
Model: T12002
Rated Voltage: 220-240V ~50Hz
Input power: 250W

Warranty: 12 months


Connections: electric, plugs into a mains outlet.



The Vitablend Blender has been a great addition to our kitchen. It has a small footprint on the countertop and we have all appreciated the extra nutrient boost a regular, healthier homemade smoothie can provide. I wasn’t too impressed with the juicer, preferring thicker juice and got limited use of the steamer cup because we rarely microwave our food, but as a dip and smoothie maker, it has excelled.

Recommended to anyone looking for an inexpensive blender that produces a smooth result.

The review is based on the Tower Vitablend (black).
More information about our eco icons and access icons is available. This article was first published on 28 March 2016.