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Tiny and moveable homes seems to be a trend that’s all the rage these days but if you believe the buzz online its more US based than anything else. To a degree that makes sense – there are a lot more people online there and planning permission is much easier to get in some parts of the US than in the UK. There are however some in the UK that are trying to live in a smaller and more minimal way with a deliberately smaller footprint. TinyHouseUK is a small Surrey based business that builds and assists with building UK centric small houses – mainly on trailers to get around planning permission problems.

So why do it? Mark Burton from the site explains:

Tiny Houses are very cheap to run. They are fully insulated, can have everything you would expect in a small property and use very little energy to heat them. The compact design creates an ideal mix of space and functionality giving you everything you need to live economically.
[The financial argument is compelling]
As an example, Depending what area you live in, a bedsit or a room to let could cost you in region of £350-£550  per month. In most cases you would have to share the rest of the property ie kitchen, lounge, bathroom and toilet which can become quite hectic in most households. If you were to rent for a 4 year period, you would have spent on average over £20,000 on rent alone with nothing to show for it at the end of the term.

By having your very own Custom Built Tiny House, the money you spend to pay for it would be considered an investment. Even if you were to get finance or a personal loan from your bank with similar monthly repayments you would still own your Tiny House which could be sold if and when it is no longer needed. They are built robustly like a house not a shed with long life and resale value in mind. After a lick of paint and fresh décor, the resale value could be not much less than what it cost a couple of years before.

Burton then runs through how on and off grid tiny houses work in the UK from electric to water and cooking. The company makes Tiny houses on wheels as well as more conventional static and custom garden buildings in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and West London.