Some people find it difficult to really understand the cost and the value of items and how much of your time and work their cost represents.  The classic way out of this for most of us is to divide the cost by the hourly wage you make.  For example if I make £10 an hour then something that costs £49.99 will be the result of about 5 hours of my work.  This does not take into account taxes or National Insurance but can be useful for giving an idea of cost.  The example I gave was simple but what if you make a less rounded amount per hour and the item is not a simple cost?  You could pull out your calculator but it quickly gets complicated.


Time is Money is an ad-on for Chrome that automatically carries out the process for you.  Input your per hour wage or an annual wage based on a 40 hour work week and it will change every cash amount shown in your browsing to an hour value.  It is also possible to display both in a ‘hybrid view’.  This sort of ad-on is aimed at those with poor impulse control but would also be excellent for those with learning disabilities who would me more likely to understand time than money as well as children still learning about budgeting.

The ad-on is not perfect.  It is aimed at the dollar rather than the pound and missed a couple of sites I tried it on, although it did get the vast majority of them.  In addition there is no easy way to disable it on a per site basis – online banking does not make much sense in hours!

Time is Money is available for free in the Chome Web Store

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