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Camping is something that a lot of people enjoy in the summer months but as I have experienced personally, the UK climate is far less conducive to camping in the winter. It has always been possible with better and better tents and impressively good sleeping bags but it has never been the most comfortable thing. In the summer the opposite problem happens – a boiling tent that is too hot to sleep in. Irish startup Thermo Tents has come up with a way to solve this issue and as an added bonus it gives you more acoustic privacy as well.

Their contention is that the traditional way of putting insulation in a tent – two pieces of cloth with an air gap in-between – is inefficient and just not very good. They have produced what they call the worlds first ‘correctly insulated tent’. The easiest way to describe it is to take a normal tent externally and put a cocoon made of thermally and acoustically insulating material inside it. The cocoon has a number of openable vents to cut down on condensation, but it lets you keep in the heat.

I think they will also cut down on the light inside, which would be excellent for those trying to get children to sleep or avoiding them waking up at 5am and for people who are light sensitive like those who get migraine attacks.Thermo Tent 3 Man

Thermo Tent launched a Kickstarter for funding and are now producing three man and six man tents as well as base camp tents for expeditions and a proposed line for disaster relief. They are not cheap with prices starting at around £425 for the three man, but are not priced significantly over the market either and the extra abilities may well make up for it.

Tents are available now through their website.