I use a standing desk and its occasionally fun and distracting to have a browse through the Flickr groups dedicated to this sort of thing.  This week we found what may be a good contender for the ultimate standing desk from the appropriately named standUpDesk.

Command Central Standing Desk Plan

StandUpDesk spent over 10 months designing and building his setup and produced careful diagrams of where everything would work.  He then built a mock up out of scrap timber and adjusted it to get the ergonomics right for himself.

My original vision of the desk was something of a Ben Franklin meets David Allen meets Grand Central Station…. a classic style designed for getting things done in one are in the most efficient manner possible.

In the end he had a 3/4″ Birch with Mahogany stain was used for the desk shell.  The final dimensions  were 2.44 meters wide x 190.5 cm high x 66 cm deep.  At this point he organises all of his systems, computers paperwork and life into the desk.  He carefully details this in photographs and it ends up being a fascinating series of photographs.

Standing Desk Command Flyer Finished Product

If you are at all seriously thinking about building your own standing desk I’d recommend viewing the photos and reading the notes.  The sequence starts here and runs for over 100 photos.

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