The Taga: a Bicycle Stroller 2-in-1Marvel | Ergohacks

Sometimes after you see an invention it just seems so perfect and obvious that you have to wonder why no-one thought of it before and why it was not available. The Taga is just such an invention – it makes me wish I’d been able to get it a few years ago when my little one would have been able to get good use out of it. So what is the Taga? It is three wheel bicycle that has a childs seat on the front and can convert in about 30 seconds to a normal looking pushchair. Travel to town by bike then convert to the pushchair around the shops then go back to bike again to get home.  Simple.

The Taga was inspired by Dutch  cargo bikes which carry a large box at the front and have been used to carry children in their off hours for years. It took four years to engineer this into something that was convertible, lightweight and strong and the end result is the Taga. The idea seems even more clever when you realise as a pushchair it can go on trains and buses and that if you don’t have the kids with you you can fit a cargo box to it to recreate a Dutch cargo bikes.

Since they launched they have become something of a style icon in the right crowds – the Taga website shows pictures of them being used by Mario Lopez, Tori Spelling and Matthew McConaughe. They are aimed at children from  around 6 months up to 6 years (25kg)  in bike mode and up to 15kg in stroller mode with a variety of seats and options – including a two child option – available.With something so perfectly designed there almost has to be a catch – and there is one – the base price starts from 1589 Euros or around £1100 pounds. This is a premium product and that comes at a premium price.  Outside the target market there is an obvious potential for special needs children and I would wonder if it was possible  to use wheelchair vouchers towards it?

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