The perfect christmas is finding the perfect balance. Investing time, money and energy to create a magical experience that includes everyone, doesn’t cost the earth, doesn’t damage the environment or becomes an endeavour so taxing that making it to Boxing day becomes the ultimate goal.

Everywhere I look for the past few weeks, commercialization of Christmas has begun, but for anyone with small children or who remembers being a small child, the countdown to Christmas, and all the fun hard work that entails, has begun. December is a tough month to be ecologically minded.

It is also a taxing month for many with chronic health issues that do not have the extra energy to spend or have symptoms that flare up in the colder months. It’s pressure cooker for those with small children as homework seems to double and special days and events are crammed in – all requiring something or other extra. It is also the most expensive month of the year with the longest shopping list of all.

Ergohacks was founded on 5 principles: inclusive, ergonomic, ecological, cost-effective, appropriate solutions. Our idea of a perfect christmas is spending the next 25 days making the world a kinder, happier, friendlier and better place for everyone. We think it’s entirely possible if everyone spends a little bit more time making smart choices when buying Christmas related products and services.

On the first day of christmas this year: buy nothing.

Put your feet up and rethink your Christmas ideals, expectations, lists and priorities. Consider budgets, but not just financially. Time and energy are the most valuable resources and both are finite as well.

Have a happy, healthy, hearty December Christmas!