It is not often you see a completely new take on a chair but the Nuno by designer Emilia Lucht appears to be exactly that.  From the information available I’m not sure if its genius or just a quick way to a bad back but it is certainly interesting.

In its simplest terms the Nuno is a square stool with a large piece of felt attached to both sides.  This felt can be manipulated and moved to form a backrest that is supposed to be totally supportive as well as being warm because of its material.  The idea of being able to reform the back to whatever shape is most comfortable is appealing and the chair looks very well constructed.

Beyond that there seems to be little information available on the chair – whether it is a one off design or if it will be commercially available and if so when, where and for how much.

The Nuno Chair website


  1. Lily Ellis 03/02/2014 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    It looks like a great design for someone with normal muscle tone and potential lower back issues. The felt backrest does look comfortable in the picture moulded around the lower back. I would love to see this design at bar stool height, it could make an excellent perching chair in the kitchen.

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