This year is already being said to be the year where wearable devices start to hit the mainstream, but so far they have been more functional than decorative.  The Nex Band tries to change this by making a smart moddable charm bracelet that looks good as well as being functional.


The Nex has no display but instead has gaps to insert blocks they are calling mods.  Some of these are decorative but some are functional and light up or vibrate to provide notifications.  The wrist band itself has sensors built into it so initially at least the mods will  mainly for feedback.

The ability to sell add on parts is an interesting business and use model as it should allow the company behind Nex to sell different types of mods on an ongoing basis and expand the band’s capacities.  The band charges via USB and will have companion iOS and Android apps using Bluetooth LE to connect.  They also have an API available already and are actively encouraging developers to sign up and write their own apps to use it.

The Nex is predicted  to be shipping in the third quarter of 2014 and is now available for pre-order at $49.99 with a predicted normal price of $99.99.

Nex Smartband

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