We’ve covered specialist wheelchairs and bikes in the past but the Mountain Trike particularly caught our eye as an off road or bumpy ground solution for wheelchair users with good upper body strength.

The Mountain Trike looks like a standard sports wheelchair but with a extra single wheel behind the main seat allowing it to be somewhat tilted back.  It then has two upright handles, called the lever drive, between the main wheels and the seat which can be used to control and move the chair in a motion similar to rowing.

The lever drive has the advantage of being a very mechanically efficient system, allowing a relatively smaller input from the wheelchair user to translate to a good speed.  It also means the wheelchair user does not have to touch the wheels, which in muddy conditions is a clear bonus.  The levers at the end of the drive also pivot which moves the rear wheel allowing steering and have mountain bike disk brakes, individual to both wheels.

The Trike also has built in adjustable air suspension, is foldable, has a seat that is moulded to the individual user and is relatively lightweight at 20kg.  It is obviously not meant as a regular use day chair but for a wheelchair user with upper body strength  who wants to get off road it looks perfect.

The Mountain Trike is available for £3995.00 including shipping in the UK and can ship abroad for an extra fee.  There are demonstration models available in The Forest of Dean and in Perthshire, Scotland and it can be hired for a short term – anything from weekends to 2 weeks for a longer test or to take on holiday.



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