Motion sensor controllers seem to becoming far more popular over the last couple of years with varying degrees of success but none has really cracked the problems inherent in motion control.  Technically they all seem to work well but they miss something with their UI and day to day use.  The iMotion controller currently on Kickstarter has taken its inspiration from the film Minority Report and is an interesting twist on the idea.

Instead of just using a camera to see your movements it gives you a glove that fits over the palm of your hand.  The glove has three lights on it that are the buttons and the focus points (similar to the Playstation Move) and has a gyroscope and accelerometers well as haptic feedback.   The glove is also configurable to be a clip on belt buckle that will track your whole body movements.  They demonstrate this in conjunction with an Occulus Rift and as the player steps around the room the virtual environment moves with him.

Its an interesting take on motion control and as is normal for Kickstarters they promise full access to an SDK for early backers.  At the time of writing the kickstarter has $52000 pledged of their $100,000 goal with 22 days left to run.  The lowest price buy in to get an iMotion is $59 with an additional $15 shipping fee outside the US.   If they get funded they plan to ship to backers in March 2014.   The system is to run on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android with ‘other mobile OS’s’ to come soon.

Reading through all their literature and information I’m not sure if the iMotion will be the next big thing but at some point someone has to get motion control right and the iMotion looks to stand at least some chance.

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