This weeks Humble Weekly Sale has launched with a new twist on its normal tale – no average to beat.   Instead for the first 24 hours of the sale ( until 7pm Friday BST) pay more than $19.99 and get access to the Prison Architect alpha and the full game on release.  After that point the price will go up to $24.99 for the rest of the week,

The bundle will also include Uplink, Multiwinia, Survival of the Fittest and DEFCON DRM free and Steam keys.  These will be on Windows, Mac and Linux with Uplink being available on Android as well.  It also includes source code to the games, several soundtracks, a video interview with the founders of Introversion and a couple of demos.

This week shakes down to a fairly simple choice – if you are thinking about getting Prison Architect and have not get it right now.  The base version usually costs $30 so the  $19.99 price for all the games is good value.  If you are not interested in Prison Architect or already have it then this week is probably one to miss.



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