We’re mechanical keyboard fans here at Dual Ring and while there are a lot of different and excellent mechanical keyboard available on the market I’ve not personally found one that I’m totally happy with.  The CODE keyboard might be the one.



If I run down a list of things I want it has almost every one of them.

  • It uses Cherry MX Clear mechanical key switches.  These are near the holy grail of mechanical switches.  Low pressure, a positive actuation and quiet.
  • 6 key USB communication meaning that it will accept up to 6 simultaneous key presses.  This does not include ctrl, alt or shift so potentially up to 9 keys are pressable at once.
  • An included PS/2 connector.
  • A steel backplate through the whole keyboard weighing just over a kilogram so there should be very little flex
  • The finish is in a black matt which should avoid any problems with fingerprints.
  • A dual layer PCB with solder points to enable later hacking and modifications
  • White backlighting with 8 different presets (7 levels and off) so it should be completely adjustable.
  • Dip switches on the back to modify the keyboards behaviour between QWERTY, Dvorak or Colemak; swapping the alt and CMD keys on a Mac; disabling the Windows key outright or turning the scroll lock key into a disable Windows key.
  • A detachable micro USB cable connector meaning it can be easily transported and plugged into multiple machines.

By the specs this seems a near perfect keyboard for the occasional gamer but dedicated user.  There does unfortunately turn out to be a couple of catches.  The first is the price – it costs $149 (around £93).  That is  expensive for a keyboard but not the most expensive available and for the right keyboard probably worth it.

The bigger problem is one of availability.  It is only usually available in the US and currently the wait time for a keyboard with  Cherry MX blue (clicky, tactile, 50g actuation force), brown (tactile, 45g actuation force) or green  switches is 4-6 month with a wait time of 12-14 months for the clear switches.

The sellers have a mailing list where you can get stock announcements here.  If you’re interested in a high quality mechanical keyboard this could be one to keep an eye on.


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