I usually struggle with radial menus. They require a lot more precision and control to use than a set of short cut keys. It is always disappointing to see developers retain a radial menu from the console version when porting to PC.  and hence Shacknews reports that The Bureau’s radial menu has been dropped when playing with a mouse and keyboard are a accessibility positive. Instead, shortcut keys that are also clickable on-screen can be used, allowing players to either use the keyboard or the mouse to activate their squad’s special abilities.

the bureau radial menu

Information on the radial menu is often more legible and those with visual impairments may find it easier to use than smaller shortcut keys lined up at the bottom of the screen. If you play with a controller on the PC, it will automatically switch back when you use the controller so anyone who prefers the radial menu also have access to it.

Watch the video at Shacknews to see the “subtle difference between playing with and without a controller”.

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