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When I was a little kid at my Grandma’s house in the kitchen there was two brushes mounted on the wall and my Grandma used these to hold her tea towels and hand towels. Since that point I’ve never seen anyone use them but everything old is new and Ergolife asked if I wanted to look at The Original Bristlegrip Tea towel holder and it was like a trip down memory lane. The Bristlegrip is exactly what the name sounds like – two brushes mounted facing each other in a plastic frame which is attached to your wall or kitchen cupboard. Once attached you poke the end of the tea towel or towel into the bristles and it grips them.

The Bristlegrip is a very simple device and idea made of matt white plastic with black bristles and is neutral enough to fit in with most types of kitchens. It can be fitted to a wall, cupboard, unit or almost any other flat surface.



Product Information


RRP £14.99 with £4.99 postage.
Retailer: Clever Little Ideas or £6.99 via Amazon

The Bristlegrip comes with fitting equipment for sticking it to surfaces, attaching to cupboards or attaching to walls.

Included in the box

In the box is one Bristlegrip, one set of sticky pads, two short screws for cupboards, two wall plugs and long screws for attachment to walls. The back of the box has fitting instructions and a template for the wall to attach it properly.


Size: 4.8cm high x 10.52 wide x 8.3cm deep
Capacity: 3 tea towels or 1 towel and 1 tea towel
Item Weight: 166 grams, not including screws or fixings.
Colour: White body and black bristles
Environment: Designed for indoors but it could work in a sheltered outside place

Warranty: No quibble replacement like for like policy

Target audience and Reuse and repurpose potential

The Bristlegrip is designed for use in kitchens but could also be of use in other locations. The obvious option would be a bathroom and while the Bristlegrip is not strong enough to hold a full size bath towel it is more than enough for a hand towel or two. Further possible uses could include in caravans or mobile homes or an attachment outside or by a pool to hold a cleaning cloth or two.

Ease of use

Setting up the Bristlegrip is not complicated but will take a few minutes and depending on the method you use a small amount of DIY skills. The front of the unit that has the bristles can be popped off with a screwdriver leaving a case and exposing the screw holes. At this point you can either use the included sticky pads as a permanent holder, the small screw to screw directly into a kitchen cabinet or cupboard door or the included wall plugs a longer screws to attach it to a masonry wall.

There are clear instructions printed on the pack and a cut out template that makes sure that you drill the holes in exactly the right place.

Once setup the Bristlegrip is very easy to use – just push the tea towel into it and then pull out when you want it. It can take up to three tea towels at once and this takes a very small amount more effort to make sure they are lined up correctly

I’ve had ours setup in the kitchen for a month and apart from the odd wipe over with a cloth it has stayed perfectly where it is and solid.


No specific requirements apart from a flat strong surface to attach it to.




It is highly accessible to anyone with a severe visual impairment, including the blind and those who experience visual symptoms, like photophobia (light sensitivity) or colour blindness. The white of the frame contrasts completely with the black letterbox and the fact that you can hit any point inside that black area means that even with very poor vision it is possible to make good use of it.


It is highly accessible to anyone with a severe hearing impairment, including the deaf and those who experience auditory symptoms, like tinnitus or hyperacusis (sound sensitivity). After the noise of screwing in it is completely silent.

Input and touch

It is accessible to anyone with a moderate upper body impairment and those who experience symptoms that affect their hands, wrists and shoulders, like a tremor, reduced dexterity and precision or fatigue. The fact that towels can be left very easily with a large area to aim at and removed just by pulling on them makes it much easier and more accessible than a hook would be.


It is highly accessible to anyone with a moderate cognitive impairment, including those with a learning disability like dyslexia those who experience cognitive symptoms, like problems with memory, concentration, planning and organization. Once fitted the concept behind the Bristlegrip is straightforward and easily demonstrated and understood.


The Bristlegrip’s frame is made of ABS plastic and the bristles are made from steel and nylon and whilst it is possible to be allergic to these it’s a very rare. Those with sensitive skin might have some issues if they put their hands between the two sets of bristles as they are very firm and it feels like your hand is being gripped by a number of tiny pins. If that or the materials are any issue it is entirely possible to use the Bristlegrip without touching it at all.



The Original Bristlegrip Tea Towel holder is a simple idea for an clean and efficient product. It is well made and solid and does exactly what it says on the tin – holds tea towels. I found it very convenient to use and it resulted in far less dropped tea towels. If you have reduced vision, touch or control problems it will probably work well for you and certainly better than the normal alternative of a hood.

The review is based on The Original Bristlegrip kindly provided by Clever Little Ideas