The bottom-line: Buying a monitor desk clamp or wall-mount

A monitor clamp is a fantastic piece of an ergonomic gaming kit. A good clamp or mount makes it possible to tilt, swivel, adjust and move a monitor into a variety of positions with a push of the finger. If you are setting up an unconventional desk, they provide the flexibility required to easily build whatever you need, such as a reclining desk, but even better, they provide more options. If you use a reclining chair, like I do, you can adjust the monitor to be ergonomic regardless of how much or little you recline.

There are various types to suit your needs. The first obvious distinction are desk clamps vs wall clamps. If you are near a wall, you can mount the screen to it. If you are not or are making use of a desk for all the peripherals, a desk clamp can be great. The desk clamp doesn’t just attached to a desk, you can attach it to a trolley or a cabinet or any surface that has sufficient depth and stability to hold the clamp and monitor safely. If you want to make your own mobile desk with a desktop PC, a sturdy cabinet on wheels with a desk clamp on top could be perfect.

The second option is how many monitors you wish to attach. Attaching one monitor obvious only requires a single monitor clamp. If you use 2 or more, there are a few things to consider. The first is weight. If you are attaching newer, light weight monitors, a single clamp for multiple monitors is a good choice. The second is positioning. If you require a lot of maneuverability and have the space, two single screen monitors would be better. Vertical vs Horizontal.  There are both vertical as well as horizontal clamps on the market, choose the one that suits your style.

Monitor mounts and clamps start at £15 and top-out at a few hundred. Look at the following when deciding how much you need to spend for the right fit:

Monitor size

Some clamps only supports monitors up to 24″. Make sure the monitor mount you buy will hold the size of monitor you own now. Also keep in mind that you are likely to upgrade your monitor long before you upgrade the mount, particularly if you purchase a specialist product, so future proof if you can. If you are saving to buy a bigger monitor as your next upgrade, choose a mount that will also support it, if possible.

Weight supported

Most single and dual monitor clamps support a maximum weight between 6-9 kgs. If you have heavy monitors, particularly if you are mounting two with one clamp, make sure they fit within the weight restriction of the clamp.

Mounting interface

VESA 50,75 or 100 is the standard mounting interface and most screens will have it. Buy a clamp that supports all three types ideally or make sure that your monitor and clamp is compatible. If you buy a clamp with a non-standard interface, you will struggle to find a screen that you can mount on it.

Degree of rotation

Check the degree of rotation, if any, that’s possible. A clamp does not have to be all singing and dancing  and rotation is one of the least used positions. If you want to swing your monitor from portrait to landscape on a regular basis, rotation of at least 90 degrees is a must, but otherwise it’s not something you will be making use of.


Some tilt is vital. If you are buying a desk or wall clamp to use at a desk, 10-15 degrees is fine but if you are looking for a monitor to use in both a sitting and reclined position, 20-30 degrees would be better.


Pan is another important aspect unless your screen is attached to the wall or desk right in front of you and remains stationary. If you attach the clamp anywhere else, for example, if you use two monitors on individual clamps and attach the second to the side of the desk, the second monitor will have to be able to pan. Also, if you adjust your position, if you have a reclining chair or wheelchair for example or a are building a mobile desk that can be used with either a chair or in bed, pan is essential.

Adjustable height 

Adjustable height is a big advantage unless you are attaching the monitor to the  desk or wall and position it to be at the exact height required. If you require flexibility, adjustable height is a big bonus.

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