I have a cupboard filled with water bottles. We carry them around the house, out to the garden and throw them in our backpacks when we leave the house. There are many water bottles on the market that are made out of sustainable materials and a good water bottle that doesn’t leak or break is a must-have item. Finding an appropriate bottle for school turned out to be a challenge.

I wanted a cost-effective choice – under £10, ideally under £5 – if it gets lost or dropped, no big deal. Glass was out, my daughter doesn’t like stainless steel because they dent and hurt her toes when she drops it, which left us with the BPA, phalate and PVC-free plastics like Tritan and HDPE. We tried a few and she returned with complaints – the attached cap retains water that drips when she drinks, the open top lets through too much water, the screw top is hard to unscrew, it doesn’t look distinctive and cool.

One week later, she went to school with my bedside water bottle – a Bobble – and came home with a smile. It didn’t leak, it never spilled, it was easy to hold, open and drink from, it was surprisingly robust when dropped and did not damage her toes and she thinks it’s pretty cool. “Does it come in pink or rainbow colours?,” was the only question and when I said yes to both, it settled.

Bobble is an ethical and environmentally friendly choice for a reusable water bottle with the added benefit of having its own filter so that it can be filled up straight from the tap.

bobble filter water bottle

There is a few things to note about it – it is a sipping bottle which is great for little kids and I prefer it during the night because it doesn’t spill, but it is not a good choice for drinking a lot of water quickly. Secondly, it does make a soft hissing sound after drinking – again great for little kids who seem to love it, but not so great when in an important meeting. Thirdly, it is not leakproof. It works fine in an external bottle holder pouch on a bag, but I wouldn’t throw it in next to my mobile phone to bounce around upside down.

It is sturdy, yet soft plastic that makes it easy to hold, but when dropped, it hasn’t dented or broken yet. The filter is of a high quality and fits snuggly, leaving no room on the sides for unfiltered water to leak through.

It is a cost-effective choice for filtered water – under £10 for most of the bottles and after that around £5 for the filter that needs replacing 4 – 6 times per year.

The Bobble is available in many stores across dozens of countries, including the major supermarkets in the U.K. and Amazon.

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